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This is a new business building

Business planning is a vital component of starting and growing a successful enterprise. Many different templates and variations of business plans exist, so you must choose the right one for your purpose and your enterprise. Having a business and knowing what to do with it are very separate issues and creating a well-executed business plan for the right reasons will enhance the odds that your venture will be one of the ones to succeed.

There are plenty of business plan resources available on the Web. Most of them focus on what to do, but many times the best lessons are learned from mistakes and seeing how to avoid them. Guest author Akira Hirai takes a look at the most common, easily avoidable mistakes that will keep investors from funding your project.

Nearly any company or individual can benefit from utilizing a SWOT analysis. If nothing else, you will likely come away with some newfound insights and valuable data that should help in solidifying your next step. And in many cases, a look behind the curtain may fundamentally alter how you perceive the situation.