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How to create a good idea:

Great dream business ideas are built around what you love to do -- instead of what you can do. You want to find an idea that has the potential to create a business where you are ...

    • using the talents and gift you excel at
    • doing what you love
    • working in the places you love
    • dealing with the problems, issues and needs you are passionate about
    • surrounded by the things, people and experiences you love
    • being handsomely paid to live an extraordinary life

Often ideas come from your personal experience and the way you see the world. Some people have a knack for sensing opportunities. Others are sensitive to things that are missing or not done well. Often, they come from recognizing that you can ...

  • fullfill others have
  • solve a problem someone cares about
  • help an issue or cause others are passionate about
  • take advantage of an opportunity created by a change in circumstances

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