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How to hire for your buisness

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This picture shows a lady looking for a job at a local business

This part of your business plan describes the strategy and tactics you will use to get customers to buy your products and serveses. Sales and marketing is the weak link in most business plans, so take your time with this section and focus on it. A strong sales and marketing section can serve as a guide for you, or as something to attract good investors so you have a workable plan and the resources for promoting and selling your products and services. Make sure that you have an advertising site. The three parts of your sales and marketing section include: Strategy, Method of sales and Advertising and promotion.
Staffing firms are a good place to start, but there are other ways to scare up as many qualified leads as possible. Delaware North Cos., which hires about 7,000 workers seasonally to staff venues like Yosemite National Park and the Buffalo Bills' Ralph Wilson Stadium, has found that in many cities, the 6 o'clock news is glad to plug a job fair as a service to John Q. Public

Here are some tips to getting a good person
1. They must UNDERSTAND the process...knowledge of the different aspects of foreclosure & short sale
2. They must KNOW how to price your home to actually SELL
3. They should have a good INTERNET presence to attract the largest pool of buyers
4. They must be PERSISTENT in their negotiation efforts
5. They should have an inherent grasp of the DETAILS to ensure that all parties remain informed
6. Your agent must be DETERMINED to represent your best interest