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This is our report page

12/15/08 Teacher Review

  1. Place links to all pages on every page
  2. Think about moving collage *
  3. Explain ideas behind each page / concept
  4. Research for content... no use of what you consider to be common sense
  5. Citation page *
  6. fix naming conventions
  7. Add title graphics
  8. Focus on completeing a page before starting another

    12/8/08 Peer review

Alex and Dalton 12/8/08

The backround does not interupt the text. It is good enough that you can see it but, you do not get to distracted from the text. The text is bold and easy to read. We think that it is nice to read and makes sense. They are just as narrow as a book.

The navigation is very good and they are easy to read. The frames are not obstructed. The site has good direction. The bars are titled well so that you know. The links are easy to read and have good contrast with the background. They indicate that they are links. The buttons are kind of big but, not bulky. Yes they have alt labels. There are no graphic links for text links. There are no animated links. The page downloaded very quickly. There is no entry page. The pages are all the right sides. The graphics are very good. Yes every page is good.

Here is our picture collage
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