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algebra is a ninth grade level of math, where you learn all different types of math algarthims. you use varibles to solve equations like:
Question: y-x=9
Answer: could be y=9 x=0, or y = 10 x = 1 or any thing where y is 9 above x or the problem is false. 9-0=9 true. but if y isn't 9 above x than it's false, 9-1 isn't = to 9. that is a type of problem that you can solve with algebra. Algebra problems are problems that use variables. Such as the problem shown above. A variable is a letter or symbol that stands for a number , this number is unknown. To solve the problem above what you do is try to solve for one variable. First you would add x to both sides. Then you would see that y=9+x. then plug it into the origenal equation so it's 9+x-x=9. Then combine like terms , add all of the same letters, so 9=9.In the problem above you need to solve for one varibles but in other problems there are two.

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